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By A; by the time A
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   5   までに   して ください  
Let's get together 5 minutes before the departure.
いつまで    です   
By when do you need it?
Come home by 6:30.
これまでに      ない  
There have been no problems so far (until now).

Getting the sentences
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ANoun (time)
Basic Examples:
までに (by tomorrow)

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Discussion about this grammar
Years Studied: 1
Studying: JLPT 4
Level: 1, : 28
Can I use ~ぐらい here or is it not needed?

The construction examples are weird too, using ねこ and ごはん for time nouns.
13 years ago
Site admin
Level: 122, : 6,898
Yea - the construction examples used a fix set of words for all examples; I should probably remove those until there is a way for users to suggest words.

I am not positive, but I don't think it's commonly included since you are using this grammar structure to *specify* a time, when ぐらい/ごろ usually lends ambiguity to a time frame or amount.
13 years ago
Years Studied: 1
Studying: JLPT 4
Level: 1, : 28
I'll remove ~ぐらい then. Thanks.
13 years ago

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