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(old version) Pre-Intermediate Grammar (N4) > Noun suffixes ①

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1. It seems/looks like A
He looks a bit tired.
1. Until A; up to A; as far as A
The water came up to my waist.
1. By A; by the time A
By when do you need it?
1. Even A
Shows an extent/extreme to which something is true.
     それ  できる  
Even a child can do it.
1. Concerning A; About A; Relating to A
Today let's talk about environmental issues.
1. About A; around A (approximation)
この ズボン        ほど   して ください  
Please make these pants about 3 centimeters longer.
1. B who/that is a(n) A
The Prime Minister Sato lives nearby.
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