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Displays reason A for effect B
This is commonly used to give a reason as to why someone is called something (~ばれている).
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        である こと から  ガソリン       する       
Due to the excess supply of crude oil, it is thought that the price of gasoline will drop.
        された こと から           そう   
It looks as if current theories will be upset because of the recently discovered fossils.

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AVerb: Casual
ANoun だった
Aな-adjective な/だった
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User notes

マスターN2 states, that ところから can be used in a very similar fashion (but according to A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar there are some things to be careful about when exchanging one phrase for the other).
4 years ago
avatar 柚姫ちゃん - Level 608

Ayat ini menerangkan sesuatu panggilan yang biasa dibuat dengan mengambilkira kesan yang jelas kepada orang ramai.
7 years ago
Amin Jr   - Level 1

Mẫu câu này có ý nghĩa là : “Do / Từ việc..” Mẫu này biểu hiện lý do,căn cứ của việc phán đoán.Đi theo sau thường là những từ như 「~がわかる」「~とえられる」. Ngoài ra, còn dùng biểu hiện nguồn gốc của các tên riêng.

Vì là đường ướt nên biết là đêm qua trời mưa.
7 years ago
HoangDX - Level 1

Discussion about this grammar
Years Studied: 3
Studying: JLPT N3 & JLPT 2
Level: 1, : 97
Update on the construction:

Plain form verb + ことから
Noun + だった + ことから
I-adjective + ことから
Na-adjective + な + ことから
Na-adjective + だった + ことから
12 years ago
Site admin
Level: 105, : 6,478
12 years ago

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