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From the standpoint of A; according to A; as far as A is concerned
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He's not a problem at all at work.
In society, it is common sense to follow the rules.
         いい   として          
From the perspective of the company, I think I am working as a good employee.

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Basic Examples:
アナウンサーでは (According to the announcer)

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Discussion about this grammar
How is this different from によると?
12 years ago
Site admin
Level: 105, : 6,478
As I understand it, this one sets a viewpoint or position for observing something, whereas によると specifies a source for information.

Does that help at all?
12 years ago (Edited 12 years ago.)
So after reading your reply and looking at the examples, によると is more for people (ie: According to John...) and this one is more for everything else?
12 years ago
Site admin
Level: 105, : 6,478
The によると can be other sources: for example, a newspaper, tv, a weather report, the radio, an ad flyer. 'According to' is a very good way to think of it. You are restating information/report that you got from that source.

のうえで can also mean this and function in the same way. However, it can *also* refer to a standpoint from which to consider something.

のうえで < As far as class is concerned (Considering class...)

So I'd say that によると is the same as *one* of the meanings of のうえで.
12 years ago
Years Studied: Many on and off
Studying: N2
Level: 630, : 2,729
This also works with the dictionary form of verbs
するで as far as living in a foreign country is concerned
4 years ago

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