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1. If only A/B, then C
B is the last remaining condition for A before C becomes true/possible.
あと    さえ あれば この ゾンビ  コスチューム       
If I only had 500 more yen, I could buy this zombie costume.
1. As a B (label), A (subject)
B describes how A is functioning/being used/being seen.
チョコ    として               
To have had chocolate as a meal is seriously bad for your body.
1. More than (or including) A
15      パイ     しています  
There are over 15 different kinds of pies.
1. A too/even
Used to mark an extreme sample, similar to でさえ
どんな   だって    こと  あります  
No matter the teacher, even they have times when they make mistakes.
1. Both A and B (share a common trait)
Both he and I work in Japan.
1. A is acceptable; A would be better/worse
ランチ  1000  なら まだしも 3000     でしょう  
1000 yen for lunch would be OK, but 3000 yen is pricey.
1. A and B (do something together)
I went together with my friends on a hot springs trip.
1. A is both B and C (B and C are modifiers)
      うれしさ        ある  
There is both happiness and loneliness in a child's growth.
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