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B, let alone A; B, not to mention A
Shows that not only B is true, but A (which is less desirable) is also true.
       おろか       すら できていなかった  
Let alone talk to her, I couldn't even get my breath.
        おろか         すら しない  
My older brother won't even clean up his own room, let alone help around the house.
   ひどくて     おろか             
My pain is really bad and I cannot stand up, not to mention walk around.

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Basic Examples:
おろかかなめない (can't read kana, let alone kanji)

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Discussion about this grammar
Years Studied: since 2000
Studying: のため、だから
Level: 727, : 4,825
two things - first, shouldn't this pattern be はおろか (no う)?
And if that's the case, the meaning should be more 'not to mention A,' or 'let alone A' (ie 1ドルはおろか1セントもっていない I don't have a cent , let alone a dollar)
12 years ago
Site admin
Level: 68, : 5,802
That description nails it more precisely, thanks. I updated the ひらがな and the meaning; let me know if you feel like the meaning could be improved upon any more!
12 years ago
Years Studied: 17
Studying: N1
Level: 1, : 8
the order seems reversed between English and Japanese (isn't everything??) so to help myself remember I'm using "let alone a dollar, I don't even have a cent" which whilst somewhat idiomatic in English has the advantage of keeping the Japanese sentence order
8 years ago

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