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(Polite) forms the plural of A
Used with あなた as well as certain nouns (, , etc)
You all were splendid.
The teachers lined up on the stage.
There were many women in attendance.

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ANoun (Person)
Basic Examples:
(the teachers)

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User notes
Level: 1
(13 years ago)
I asked a Japanese English teacher if I could use がた. His response was no. His understanding of the use of がた was that it tends to be used for groups of people who are generally expected to be older than a particular group of people. For example, teachers are generally thought of as older than students so you can use がた. Senior students are generally older than junior students so you can use がた. Parents are older than children so you can use がた. あなたがた is commonly used although it doesn't fit this rule. However, he said that there is no guarantee that a doctor or dentist will be older than their patient so he said they wouldn't use this construction for these groups of people. Any thoughts anyone?
Level: 28
(14 years ago)
Can be used similiar to あなた{・ら・etc} and is more polite.

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