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I think it might be that A
Shows a softer/indirect way of saying 'I think that A'
       ではない だろうか  
I think it might rain today.
        ではない だろうか  
I think he might be worrying (about something).

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Discussion about this grammar
Years Studied: not enough
Studying: second half of N4, but I'm preparing to re-study all N5-N4 grammar
Level: 134, : 47

I'm just leaving a note. I'll edit this to be more complete when I actually study this.


Please feel free to correct/add to this in the comments. I won't be getting back to this for a long while since it's in the range of N3-N2 and I'm still preparing to do a thorough review of N5-N4.


--- Some hints / breadcrumbs for related grammar points to look at

All the below pages are from A Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns for Teachers and Learners.


This is from the construction section for ではないだろうか on pages 286-287.

  • N/Na (なの)ではないだろうか
  • A/V のではないだろうか


ではないだろうか (heading 4 of だろう) on page 235. Construction doesn't include (なの)

ではないだろうか on pages 286-287. Construction includes (なの)


ではあるまいか on pages 280-281. Construction includes (なの)

ではあるまいか on pages 574-575 (heading 4 of まいか). Construction includes (なの)


じゃないだろうか on pages 154-155. Construction includes (な)

んじゃないだろうか on pages 702-703. Construction includes (な)


ではなかろうか on pages 287-288. Construction includes (なの)


ない(か)〈mild assertion〉 on page 395. Potential replacements include the majority of the above expressions and more.

2 months ago (Edited 1 month ago.)

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