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1. How A. (states a somewhat strong feeling)
Limited to feelings such as surprise, amazement, sarcasm, or other strong emotions.
    する       こと   
Why in the world did you get your head shaved?
1. I think it might be that A
Shows a softer/indirect way of saying 'I think that A'
       ではない だろうか  
I think it might rain today.
1. I'm glad that A was the case/happened
A is an action that was performed in the past. "Glad that A didn't happen" can be done with negative て form.
I'm glad the luggage arrived without a problem.
1. It is said by many that A
あれ    から              
It's said by many that that mountain has been sacred from long ago.
1. To have a feeling that A; to think A
Used to describe a feeling or hunch about something - not used to describe factual information.
あの  どこか         
It feels like I've seen that person somewhere.
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