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Because of A, B
Somewhat more polite than だから
       から          です から      40            
Her house is pretty far from her work. Because of that, it takes her 40 minutes to walk each day.
       しています  です から     そう です  
My father runs a company. Because of that, he seems busy every day.
この    とても           です から   とても きれい です  
A ton of snow falls in this region. The water is very clean because of that.

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Discussion about this grammar
Years Studied: 8
Studying: JLPT N2
Level: 1, : 171
Isn't the point of this grammar point, the から? Ie, don't you just end the sentence and add から? Putting です after a verb is kind of weird in Japanese, isn't it?
11 years ago
Site admin
Level: 121, : 6,891
It's not exactly after the verb, it's used at the beginning of the next sentence. I cleaned up the construction pattern a bit.
11 years ago

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