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The first B since A (occurred); B happened for the first time since A
Used to show a time relationship: this is the first (one of) B since A
この    まれて         です  
This is the first family portrait since this child was born.
These are my first wages (paycheck) since looking for a job.

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AVerb: て-form
Basic Examples:
めて (first time to the onsen since coming to Japan)

AVerb: て-form
BVerb phrase
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User notes

You can use this pattern to express the idea that
it is/was not until ~ (or only after ~), that ....(I understood, it becomes clear etc.)
まれてめて is an idiomatic phrase which means 'for the first time in one's life’.
E.g. まれてめてべた。
See マスター p.16 , DIJG p. 456
7 years ago
avatar 火曜 - Level 17

Discussion about this grammar
Level: 1, : 22
There is also [b][color=blue]Aてはじめて+verbal phrase B[/color][/b], with the analogous meaning "after/because of A, it's the first time that B happened".
9 years ago
Site admin
Level: 109, : 6,622
You are quite right - the original listing was a bit too restrictive. I have updated it!
9 years ago
Level: 1, : 2

Hi, in the N2 book (03・~で), this has actually got a slightly different meaning, which isn't covered by the example sentences here:

~てはじめて it is not until~that
: バイトをしてはじめて、おさがわかりました。

1 month ago
Level: 821, : 319

I don't have that book, but that looks like: https://www.renshuu.org/grammar/540/

As in: only after [working a part time job], did I [understand the importance of money].

Maybe it should be included as a related expression here?

1 month ago
Level: 1, : 2

Thanks! That looks like the grammar I was thinking of.

I currently see the second item from below (てはじめての) in the Lesson Center (Grammar "マスター N2" - chapter "03・~で"), but in the physical book, it's the first item (てはじまて):


Maybe things weren't linked up quite right. I've manually added the first item to my study terms. No harm in repeating both. :-)

1 month ago

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