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There is nothing as B as A; There is nothing more B than A
         くらい   こと  ありません  
For me, there's nothing as scary as flying on a plane.

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Basic Examples:
ひこうきのるくらいめんどうくさいことない (there's nothing more annoying than flying in a plane)

さくらくらいうつくしいものない (there's nothing as beautiful as a cherry tree)

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Years Studied: 12
Studying: N2
Level: 100, : 366

I think this should be labeled as N3 level since I found this grammar point in the Shinkanzen Master book for JLPT N3.

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5 years ago
Site admin
Level: 209, : 9,394
This expression is quite rare - it doesn't quite feel like N3 to me. Even textbooks are guessing as to which expression goes to which level due to the lack of official lists. However, this one feels best as N2/N1. 

That being said, I'd be happy to look at evidence to the contrary that suggests it is rather common.
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5 years ago

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