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May not A; must not A
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ここ  ごみ     いけない  
You must not throw away trash here!
You mustn't eat all the sample foods.
Don't go against your father.
あんな      して  いけない  
Don't associate with such people.
あの     して  いけない  
You shouldn't trust the man.
Never tell me a lie again.
あんな       いけない  
Don't go down before such a man.

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AVerb: て-form
Basic Examples:
んでいけない (must not drink)

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User notes

It becomes ちゃいけない,じゃいけない (a small correction from the note below)
3 years ago
まさむね123 - Level 1

can also be ちゃいけない
and じゃういけない for de ha

also there are various endings
such as
11 years ago
avatar くるるぎくん - Level 1

Discussion about this grammar
Years Studied: 1
Studying: JLPT 4
Level: 1, : 28
If my verb A is in negative, like けなくて, would it mean that one -must- go?
13 years ago (Edited 13 years ago.)
Site admin
Level: 110, : 6,634
Yep! Here's the official page for it: http://renshuu.org/index.php?page=grammar/individual&id=27
13 years ago
Years Studied: 1
Studying: JLPT 4
Level: 1, : 28
Oh! I didn't know that there was! Sorry for the trouble Michael. I'll transfer my sentence there.

Thank you!
13 years ago (Edited 13 years ago.)
Level: 1, : 6

I cannot find a separate grammar point about "だめ" (てはだめ), it's only vaguely mentioned here in a grammar note. As I understand it, it is used with similar meaning as this one. Can someone explain the difference to me if there is any?.

4 years ago
Years Studied: 13
Level: 1, : 947
だめ isn't really a grammar point, it's a vocabulary term. ikenai is, literally, "it won't go", "it won't do"; something that won't work, that someone shouldn't do (or with a negative verb, something someone shouldn't NOT do.). だめ literally means "burdensome to the eye"; something that is of no use, if not troublesome, problematic. They overlap when referring to something that shouldn't be undertaken. kind of hits the same idea only stronger, as in "unthinkable" Hope this helps.
4 years ago

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