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JLPT N4 / Intermediate > て Verb Hooks ①

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1. A does C for B (B is you, your friends, your family, etc.)
  なのに         くれなかった  
Even though she is the teacher, she didn't answer my question.
1. Do B for someone
ダイエット  じゃ               あげる  
You are on a diet? Then I'll eat your portion for you!
1. May not A; must not A
Don't go against your father.
1. To come to A
Shows a change over time
         より むずかしく なって きている  
The kanji I learn at school have gotten more difficult than before.
1. To continue A..ing; to have become A
この      から      ひまわり です  
This flower is a sunflower that my grandmother grew from a seed.
1. B does C for A
あなた    使    いただけます   
Could I use (would you let me use) your desk?
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