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1. Even though A, B
A is usually a negative situation/condition
                 けど  それでも     
Even though I think that if you don't try hard enough Tokyo U. will be rough, you're still going to take (the test)?
1. If A is the case, then (let's) B
      プレゼント  それなら   いい  じゃない かな  
A present for her birthday? If that's the case, a book'd be nice, wouldn't it?
1. Because of A, B
        して  それで バイト        んです  
I got sick summer of last year, because of that, I quit my part time job.
1. Although (you'd expect) A, (actually) B
 デート どう だった    それが   だった     ダメに なった   
"How was the date?" "Well actually, it was the worst; I caught a cold and ruined it.
1. Even though A was planned, B
     じゃなかった    それが     になった   
"You didn't have a field trip today?" "It was cancelled because of the rain."
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