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1. Considering A...; Thinking about A...
A is used as a basis/reasoning for a judgement/statement.
     からして  つまらなさそうです  
Judging from the lecturer's introduction, it seems boring.
1. Not even A B
Used to show that B doesn't happen even for A (one person, one day, etc.)
ここ         あなた      いない  
Not even a single person here doubts you.
1. Out of the group A, B is the most C
My older brother's grades are excellent: he's at the top of his school year.
1. A of B each ..
Shows that A (a number) of B should be done/taken/eaten each person/time
  1  ずつ プリント    します  
I will pass out one handout to each person.
1. Not only A, not just A
Followed by something that should (be done) in addition to A. Second thing often followed by も.
    である ばかり ではなく        ある    
Not only are you a bright person, but you have musical talent as well?
1. C, such as A and B
A and B (you can have more) are examples of C. It implies that there are more than what is listed.
ミルク  チーズ といった         
I like dairy products such as milk and cheese.
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