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A, however/but B
 けど   どうして そんな こと      
But, why would would you say such a thing so suddenly?
そう  けど        できない   
That's true, however, we can't do it with our strength.
あいこ   って     けど  すぐに         
Aiko came back, but she immediately went to bed.
Work is tough but fun.

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User notes
When you place だけど in front of a verb, you must omit the declarative だ. You can not place だ between a verb and けど. だ (in this context) is only used with な ajectives and nouns.
For example:
だけど、です。It is Saturday, but I have work.

かだけど、ねられない。It is quiet, but I can not sleep.

くけど、げないんです。I will go, but I can not swim.

As you can see だ is omitted in the third sentence.
Also, for な adjectives the な is not used, since we are not modifying a noun.

P.S. (these same principles apply to から, in the context of because or since.)

Hope this helps
9 years ago
Lang_learner - Level 1

Discussion about this grammar
Years Studied: since 2000
Studying: のため、だから
Level: 912, : 4,997
it might be more easily understood if in the Construction part the first A was something like Sentence(A) and then the Noun at the end would have B instead, following the pattern at the top; that might also help show the difference between this pattern and けど
11 years ago (Edited 11 years ago.)
Years Studied: since 2000
Studying: のため、だから
Level: 912, : 4,997
Also, you can use a sentence/phrase after だけど as well (for example, だけどぼくにはピアノがない, from the song もしもピアノがけたなら)
11 years ago
Site admin
Level: 110, : 6,629
That was actually the intent, but it looks like I might have mistyped it when I first entered it. Thanks!
11 years ago

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