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renshuu ちょっと の news!

The Adventure Beta is now available!! If you want to help knock out bugs and try out some really awesome new features, please go to the Beta link under the Help menu and join us!

avatar マイコー on 2020319

renshuu ちょっと の news!

A new beta coming in just a few days! We've also got a free way to get renshuu pro during March!

avatar マイコー on 202037

renshuu ちょっと の news!

New version of renshuu! Check out all the new features, and take a peek at the new beta coming next month! Android users: don't forget to sign up for the alpha test of our Android app!

avatar マイコー on 2020223

renshuu ちょっと の news!

The Android app alpha version is now open to all renshuu beta users! Check out this forum thread for more information.

avatar マイコー on 2020212

renshuu ちょっと の news!

We've got the results of our motivation survey right here, plus a sneak preview on some updates to better motivate your studies!

avatar マイコー on 202026

renshuu ちょっと の news!

Android app news! It's finally coming this year! More info in the forums.

avatar マイコー on 202014


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