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renshuu ちょっと の news!

The specifics for our renshuu meetup in Tokyo (September 14th) are up in the forums! Hope you can join us!

avatar マイコー on 2019821

renshuu ちょっと の news!

We've got our "Introduction" update from the beta available to all users! For more information, go here! Don't forget about your chance for free renshuu pro! Finishes at the end of August!

avatar マイコー on 2019819

renshuu ちょっと の news!

A mini (but awesome) beta round has just started! Check out Help > Beta or see this video for more information on what's been added.

avatar マイコー on 201987

renshuu ちょっと の news!

We've got two easy ways for you to get free renshuu pro this summer! Check out this forum post for more info!

avatar マイコー on 2019723

renshuu ちょっと の news!

We've got a pretty big update to the site! Check out the details about all the new goodies.

avatar マイコー on 2019713

renshuu ちょっと の news!

Took the JLPT? Tell us what words you saw on the test and get up to 2 months of free renshuu pro!

I took the: N5 N4 N3 N2 N1

avatar マイコー on 201977

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