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Happy New Year! New Beta available


I just opened a new beta round for those of you that like testing out new features. More information available here!

avatar マイコー on 201811

N5 Grammar quizzes are being remade!

We wanted to let you know that we are in the process of rebuilding every question for the N5 Grammar expression quizzes to bring them more in line with the difficulty level in the JLPT N5 test.

We want to get the new questions out as fast as possible, so each quiz will be replaced as soon as it is finished!

Additionally, some quizzes have been removed, as their contents are better covered in other quizzes already available in the N5 category.

avatar マイコー on 2017723

Two new stroke order quiz modes!

All users can now access brand new stroke order question styles! Turn them on under the "strokes" category when studying a kanji character quiz.

avatar マイコー on 2017610

Welcome to renshuu 3.5!

After a half year of development, I am proud to release the 3.5 version of renshuu.org! Almost every page has been cleaned up, sped up, and make easier to use! Whether you are on a mobile device or a PC, renshuu is now better than ever!

In particular, please enjoy the revamped dashboard and study library, as well as the new schedule interface. I think you'll really enjoy this new version.

avatar マイコー on 2017519

Learning with Kao-chan!

Our mascot, Kao-chan, is going to start putting up cute pictures of words, sentences, and expressions to help you learn more Japanese! She will update 3-4 times each week!

You can see the pictures here:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/renshuu.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/renshuu
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/renshuu_org/

We also take requests in the forums if you want to see a specific word, phrase, or expression.


avatar マイコー on 2017429

renshuu 3.1 - grammar quizzing and a new study library!

After several months of working with user feedback on our huge 3.0 release last year, we are happy to release renshuu 3.1! Here's what we've got for you:

Over 2,000 handmade grammar questions for the JLPT N5, N4, and N3!
  • Almost 200 expressions covered, from basic to intermediate level, with more every month!
  • Study your way: regular quizzing or new grammar mastery schedules!
  • Fully integrated with your study stats (including mastery levels) and the grammar library!
  • Quiz them now in the Study library!

An easier, faster study library
  • Simpler interface means more time to study
  • Enhanced searching for our thousands of lessons
  • Redone buttons to allow for one-click quizzes - no need to choose your quiz style!
  • Blended with your dashboard for simple access to everything you need!

And tons more!
  • Check your settings: new non-English definitions for 8 other languages!
  • A brand new forum editor for easier writing
  • Kanji Index - a one-stop trip to all your kanji in renshuu.org

avatar マイコー on 20151019