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renshuu ちょっと の news!

New Features

● Pages 51 through 59 of the Kao Manga have been added!
● Several new fonts added to renshuu pro
● New Adventure Kao character released for renshuu pro users!


● Better false answer selection on kana quizzes
● Kana quizzes show info for the incorrect answer you chose/typed.
● Trimmed down default number of new kana per quiz (for new users)
● In Kanji "Onyomi or Kunyomi" quizzes, if you get it partially correct, it will pre-fill in the answers you got correct when the question comes up for review.
● Cleaned up wording on schedule boxes on dashboard!
● Schedule status text on finish page brought into alignment with that on dashboard.
● Info label for pitches only appears in vocabulary dictionary if pitches are available for one or more of the words in the results.
● You can tap on Kao-coin names to look them up.
● Renshuu pro users can now select multiple fonts (renshuu will give you a different font each day).
● Refreshed the renshuu pro page. 30% cuter!
● If you have no new terms to study for a schedule, the popup gives much more detailed information.
● Shiritori words' definitions now show in the user popups (since they usually get cut off).

Experimental Features (under Experimental in the Settings panel)

● Schedule tools in Lesson Center
● Disable zooming on iOS text fields


● On Sentence listening quizzes, sometimes the coloring for the answer was off.
● On Sentence listening quizzes, it would sometimes reject kanji in answers if the kanji was part of a term typically shown without kanji.
● Noun counter quiz - now accepts じゅっかげつ in addition to じゅうかげつ for .
● For sentence schedules, "Quick Check" and "Listening" were appearing in the schedule quick options, but they should not have. They are study vectors, so they can be enabled/disabled form the general schedule settings.
● Small UI fix on grammar submissions in Translation Center
● Some Jumble questions only had one movable piece! Oh no!
● Some long katakana terms were causing vertical alignment issues in sentence questions.
● Sentence listening quizzes will now accept digits instead of kanji for numbers if it appears as part of a compound (i.e. ).
● Fixed answer handling with ってくる in sentence questions.
schedule boxes on finish page still use "Ready to study"
● Shiritori notifications follow user notification preferences in Inbox.
● Some definitions could not be tapped on to look up the English in the dictionary.
● Shiritori sticks to end of the word chain when it gets updated with another player's word.
● # to learn values on dashboard reacting better to weekly new term limits

avatar マイコー on 2021517

renshuu ちょっと の news!

● In Learning Pace panel (for schedules), you can now set a preference to finish all daily reviews before moving onto new terms.
● Under Settings > Quizzing (advanced option), you can now disable the mis-spelling answers as choices for vocabulary questions.

● Added 4 demo videos to renshuu pro page! More coming soon.
● Bigger text boxes when submitting suggestions for sentences.
● Cleaned up schedule data panel (dashboard) and Learning Pace panel.
● Learning Pace panel available from quiz finish page as well.
● In Learning Pace panel - if you switch off of Custom, it no longer loses the custom values.
● You can now easily toggle on listening questions for sentence schedules.
● Selection dropdown in Dictionary/Settings more obvious

● Terms that cannot be studied were not being added to the total number of terms on the schedule summary
● With certain kanji settings, honorific kanji was appearing when it shouldn't.
● Issue with schedule graphs when pitch vector was selected.
● Hint count for Shiritori Cat was getting reset on saved games.

avatar マイコー on 202153

renshuu ちょっと の news!

The Adventure Beta is now available!! If you want to help knock out bugs and try out some really awesome new features, please go to the Beta link under the Help menu and join us!

avatar マイコー on 2020319

renshuu ちょっと の news!

A new beta coming in just a few days! We've also got a free way to get renshuu pro during March!

avatar マイコー on 202037

renshuu ちょっと の news!

New version of renshuu! Check out all the new features, and take a peek at the new beta coming next month! Android users: don't forget to sign up for the alpha test of our Android app!

avatar マイコー on 2020223

renshuu ちょっと の news!

The Android app alpha version is now open to all renshuu beta users! Check out this forum thread for more information.

avatar マイコー on 2020212

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