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renshuu ちょっと の news!

We've got a pretty big update to the site! Check out the details about all the new goodies.

avatar マイコー on 2019713

renshuu ちょっと の news!

Took the JLPT? Tell us what words you saw on the test and get up to 2 months of free renshuu pro!

I took the: N5 N4 N3 N2 N1

avatar マイコー on 201977

renshuu ちょっと の news!

Our "once every 5 years or so" renshuu meetup in Tokyo is back! Early August 2019. More information here!

avatar マイコー on 2019625

renshuu ちょっと の news!

The next 5 pages of our Kao-chan manga are now available, with another 20 coming to you throughout the rest of the month!

avatar マイコー on 2019613

renshuu ちょっと の news!

Just added the "Noun Suffixes (Mixed) II" grammar lesson to the JLPT N1 materials.
PS: A new version of renshuu is coming very soon!

avatar マイコー on 2019527

renshuu ちょっと の news!

A double dose of grammar lessons (JLPT N1 level) to end Golden Week! Noun Suffixes (Amounts) and Noun Suffixes (Mixed)!

avatar マイコー on 201955

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