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1. Because A; since A
Cannot be used to show personal opinions, commands, requests, or invitations.
       したくない ので     いつも ゴルフ        
My dad always goes to play golf on his days off because he doesn't want to speak to my mother.
1. A and ... (used to list reasons, with each reason followed by し)
           それ  どこ    です   
It was made quickly and is cheap and yummy. Where is this gyudon from?
1. For the purpose/sake of A; in order to A
あなた     ために        
I was born to love you.
1. Even though A; in spite of A
  している のに キス    された  
Even though we're engaged she wouldn't let me kiss her.
1. If A is the case/situation
アメリカ    つもり なら     しっかりと         
If you are intending to go to America, brush up your English.
1. As for A
Usually followed by a characteristic or ability of A
 なら いつでも      くれる   
He'll always come through.
1. When/if A, then B
Used to show a natural/habitual consequence, or a factual relationship/condition
この キノコ              なる  だって  
They say that if you eat this mushroom, you won't be able to stop laughing.
1. In order to A; in the process of doing A
Only verbs of volition can be used with this pattern.
      びに   のに いつも くっついてった  
I always went along with my older brothers to play.
1. Shows a sequence of two events A and B
These events do not necessarily need to have a cause/effect relationship.
I ran a bit and I ran out of breath.
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