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1. Since A happened/is going to happen, B
A is used as chance/opportunity to do B. To do A has already been decided.
なおと      びに   ついでに なおと       から    DVD        
Since you're going to Naoto's house, please return that DVD that you borrowed to his mother.
1. While A is the case, B; While A is occurring, B
This implies that it would be a good idea if B is done while A is still true, otherwise it might be troublesome afterward.
スープ            ください  
Eat your soup while it is hot.
1. Every time that A (occurs)
Every time I see this picture, I remember my father.
1. Because of A, B
A is marked as the blame or cause of something happening.
     した せい         ならなかった  
We had to break up, because she deceived me.
1. Not only A, but B as well
  スペイン  ばかりか イタリア   しゃべれます  
My mother not only can speak Spanish, she can speak Italian, too.
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