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1. A. However, B
あれら  コンサート  とても   です  だが       こと  ありません  
Their concerts are very popular. However, I've never won the lottery (to get a ticket).
1. A. However, B (restricts A, or gives an exception to A)
 から    です  ただし           ように  
Summer vacation starts today. However, try and follow the rules (have a proper time).
1. A. In other words, B.; A. Oh, so B
          ということは そろそろ          
The sun has gone down. In other words, Dad will be coming home soon.
1. Not only A, but B as well
        んです  しかも 5        んです   
I lost my wallet yesterday. On top of that, I had 50,000 yen in it.
1. Instead of A, you could say B; rather than A, B
Used to restate A in a different/more accurate way B
ブランド バッグ              ない      
Rather than that I don't need a brand-label bag, but than I'm just not interested.
1. Used when switching from topics A to B
  すごい  だった   それはそうと       
Today was really rainy! By the way, did your cold get better?
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