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1. Like A; Looking like A (is happening)
      なので       している  
I'm been a bit overweight as of late so I'm having less food.
1. As much as A can be done; as much as one wants/likes A
この   できるだけ        
Return this book as soon as you can.
1. At least A
Often used to suggest "at least A could/should be done", or "at least A is possible"
  くらい して くれない  
Could you at least clean?
1. (shows the extend/degree A of something)
Wii        された     なった ほど   
The Nintendo Wii was so popular that it sold out the first day it was sold.
1. Looks A
A is usually an emotion or feeling.
He spoke as if he was lonely: "my girlfriend and I might be finished."
1. Too A; Too much A; Overwhelming A
Describes a very high/large level of A, and is usually used as a reason for the second half of the sentence.
I was so tired that I couldn't take a single step.
1. Every A (repeats at interval A)
オリンピック    おきに      
The Olympic Games take place at intervals of four years.
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