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Contests, news, and updates from renshuu.org
Topics: 7
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Last post: August 2019 Update - Our...
by: マイコー (3)
Have a question about renshuu.org? Ask here!
Topics: 298
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Last post: Different question sente...
by: マイコー (7)
Suggest/comment on new features and help improve current ones!
Topics: 216
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Last post: Simplified honorific tags
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Ask about any problems or issues related to the site!
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しましょう / Let's study Japanese!

Post any questions you have about Japanese!
Topics: 579
Posts: 3998
Last post: About 降りる...
by: マイコー (19)
JLPT/ & KanKen/ discussion
Topics: 111
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Last post: JLPT mock tests
by: Karlla (11)

/ General discussion

Anything can be discussed in here!
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Last post: Kyoto Animation Arson In...
by: GodlyDan (1ヶ)
Anything related to Japan, Japanese culture, politics, living in Japan
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Last post: Japanese Elementary Scho...
by: gjwebber (1)
しましょう! Let's chat in Japanese! Anything goes!
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Last post: ビデオゲームが好きなの?
by: ニク (8ヶ)

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