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A receives C from B: the giver is of the same/lower rank of the recipient.
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  マイケル から シリアル     もらった  
Mika got leftover cereal from Michael.
クリスマス     から   セーター  もらった  
He got a red sweater from his younger brother on Christmas.
   から    もらって うれしかった  
I was really happy because I got a letter from my friend yesterday.
I received a watch on my birthday.
ばあちゃん          もらった  
I got some false teeth that were left by my grandmother as a memento.

Getting the sentences
(Elements in parentheses are optional.)
ANoun (receiver) ~ BNoun (giver)
ANoun (receiver) ~ BNoun (giver) から
CNoun (object)もらう
Basic Examples:
ケーキもらった (I received cake from Mom)

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User notes

If you're wondering the difference between using 「もらう」 and 「くれる」 when the speaker is the recipient, consider the difference between these two sentences:

I got a present from my friend.

My friend gave me a present.

The basic meaning is the same, but as you can see by the reversed positions of the topic and the indirect object, the emphasis of each sentence differs. The first sentence emphasizes the action of receiving the present, while the second sentence places emphasis on who gave the present. This is reflected in the English translations as well. If you want to emphasize the giver, use 「くれる」, as that will cause the giver to become the subject and/or topic of the sentence (even if it goes unstated and is simply implied from context).

Remember, you can technically always substitute 「もらう」 for 「くれる」 (with the appropriate change in particles, as shown in the examples above), but not the other way around, because the recipient must be the speaker or someone close to the speaker to use 「くれる」.
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