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JLPT N5 / Beginner > Grammar for Jumble Quizzes
Includes: 18 expressions
Made by マイコー

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1. After doing A
   いて から  そこ  ある    ぜて   
After you grill the meat, please mix it over there with the noodles.
1. Describes a state after the action A takes place.
The action was done intentionally by someone.
       いてある ので   れない ように メモ していて  
The address is written on the postcard, so please make a note of it so you don't forget it.
1. Before A (occurs/happens), B
  める   ストレッチ  して ください  
Please stretch before you begin to work out.
1. A-ing (Progressive tense)
   こちら   かって います  
The family is heading this way.
1. A is the subject's customary actions.
  いつも テレビ    くつろいでいます  
I am always relaxing and watching TV.
1. To choose A (when ordering/choosing)
コーヒー  どんな   しましょう     ブラック  いい です   
How do you like your coffee? Strong and black?
1. A still exists; still doing A; A is still occuring
  まだ 4  ある  
There are still four peaches.
1. Not A (anymore)
Shows a state A that was true before, but isn't anymore (There *was* money, it *was* hot today, etc.)
セール  もう やってなかった   
They're no longer doing the sale.
1. Forms the plural of A
         しくて     っている  
I think animals are wise and kind.
1. (Polite) forms the plural of A
Used with あなた as well as certain nouns (, , etc)
あなた     でした  
You all were splendid.
1. Forms the question form of the sentence A
  さん     ですか  
Is Grandma doing well?
1. From A until B
  ピアノ コンクール    から   まで  われます  
Today's piano contest will be held from 9:00 until 3:00.
1. (weakly) marks an assertion or intention A
Typically only used by female speakers
 かった   ありがとう  
You really saved me, thanks.
1. Indicates certainty or emphasis in A
Taro is a good kid.
1. Requests confirmation from the listener about A
Can be loosely translated to "A, you know?", or "A, right?"
Children are cute.
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