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1. I think probably A
I am afraid it will rain tomorrow.
1. It should be A; it ought to be A
   宿          はず   
She ought to have finished her homework.
1. I heard that A; it seems like A; it appears that A
He seems to be very sleepy.
ん だい
1. Turns sentence A into a question (casual).
What kind of person is your mother?
1. I want (person, thing) A to B (action)
Used to describe what you want someone else to do.
I want you to take this paper to her right away.
1. Supposed to be A; intended to be A; assumed to be A
Used when something is expected, assumed, or intended to be A (but in reality is different)
これ  ほんの    つもり     
It was meant as merely a joke.
1. It's said that A (hearsay, rumor, report, or legend)
 この     いた という  
It's said that there was a kappa (mythical creature) in this pond long ago.
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