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JLPT N3 / Intermediate > Noun suffixes ①

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1. About A; With relation to A
  しない                こと です  
Regarding the children that aren't attending school, that is something to be discussed with the parents.
1. As A; From the standpoint of A
   調 として       
This picture was drawn with blue as the base color.
1. If A were the case; Supposing A
としたら is more casual than とすると and とすれば.
その         したら  どれだけ    かかる だろう   
How long would it take if you swim across the river?
1. Seems A; A-ish
  いつも     サッカー  している から        っぽい  
My little sister is always playing soccer with boys, so she seems a little boyish.
1. Only A (small number of something)
Can also refer to a single time (only now, only once, etc.)
We did our best, just the two of us.
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