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1. Because of A; due to A
The closing of school was due to the snow.
1. A or something
あれ               やってる    
Eh, what's that? Somebody doing street theatre or something?
1. Things like A; for example A
I won't want to eat something like this.
1. During A (period of time); in the middle of A
Usually refers to something happening in the middle of a period of time A (and not over the entire span of that period)
6        ばかり        
It does nothing but rain in Japan throughout June.
1. A directly modifies B, B of A
Broadly works as the preposition 'of'
I got the first email from him in awhile.
1. C which/whose A is B. C's A is B
Used as a relative clause to describe C
That person with the long hair is my younger sister.
1. Occurs every A
A can be a span of time, distance, or situation
  2  ごとに               
I've decided on going on an overseas trip every two years.
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