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1. Allow (somebody) to A, this is permission from the subject to the object.
  あの    すごく      いる けど  よくない ので        
My son really wants to watch that movie, but it's not any good so I won't let him watch it.
1. Make (somebody) A, because of the subject; the object is caused to A
だいき             ので     とても         
Daiki hasn't come back home in a week, so his parents are really worried.
Causative Passive
1. Be made to do A
During school lunch, the students were forced by the teacher to eat all of the vegetables.
1. Can A; be able to A (ability of the subject)
この        もう      
I can't solve this riddle. I give up!
1. Can A; be possible to A; (possibility of the subject to do A)
その ボタン      ロボット        
If you push this button, you can make the robot move.
1. Do A (command)
This is extremely strong and is usually considered rude or insulting.
     そして  さっさと       
Hurry up, eat, then quickly head off to school!
1. Do A (instruction)
Please clean your room before you head out.
1. Don't A
Don't run here.
1. Let's A
          いつか        といった のに  まだ どこにも       
Even though Mom said "Let's go on a vacation," 5 years ago, we still haven't gone anywhere!
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