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1. In accordance with A; depending on A; based on A; due/because to A
この          によって   された  
This city was ruined by the brutal force of nature.
1. Even A
This has the same meaning as Aも, but さえ is stronger than も.
この               ほど     
This question is so easy that even a child can answer it.
1. When A is thought about, B soon comes to mind
Often used for citing an example B when discussing A.
When I think about the most famous sightseeing place in Japan, Kyoto comes to mind.
1. In the way A; The same as A, B; As described by A, B
Shows that B follows along the prediction/thought/plan A.
        あった      いつも    
There was a test in class yesterday, but today it's business as usual.
1. For A; even though A; considering A
The statement which follows this is a change/unexpected considering what is normal for A
Passing the time (e.g. in this weather, etc.) is really easy, considering it's August.
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