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1. If you think about/consider A
     からいって  たくさん      だろう  
If you think about her popularity, a lot of people will probably come.
1. Shows unfortunate action B right at the time/situation A
Carries the nuance of "Just at the time A, something terrible/undesirable happens." Similar to "Of all the luck, ...", or "Just at the worst possible time, ..."
その          だった  
He was absent only on that day.
1. At the time of A (which starts now)..
                する   して すごく    そう   
When my mother and father traveled for the first time, they seemed amazingly happy.
1. At the time of A
          あちら     使  ください  
For breaks in the meeting, please use that room over there.
1. When it comes to A; if it turns out that A
He looks really happy when he's playing.
1. When it comes to A, B
Describes an untypical reaction B when considering the problem/issue A
      となると        なる  
When it comes to baseball, he can't stop talking (about it).
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