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1. Even though A, unfortunate result B
The results B are contrary (negative result) to what occurs in A.
           くせに    させた  
Even though mom asked my big sister to clean, she made me do it.
1. While A is not occurring, B
All of the food at the dinner had been eaten before he arrived.
1. Considering A, B (unexpected)
A can also refer to a (normal) expectation with B showing unexpected results compared to that.
Actually, your clothes are flashy for someone with no money.
1. As soon as A (occured), B
その       とたんに            
On hearing the noise, my brother started to cry.
1. Because of A, (positive result) B; Thanks to A, B
         おかげで すごく        
Because I eat monkey meat everyday, I can jump amazingly high.
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