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1. Precedes the reason/cause B for the (strong) feelings/emotions A
The term that precedes こと に is either an emotion, feeling (such as しい, or い), or a resultant state (such as る).
To her delight, she passed the exam.
1. Shows a typical trait or characteristic of A
あの      から       きっと    だろう  
Seeing that it's that teacher, the next test will surely be hard as well.
1. Displays rule; decision; or plan A
この   から    けない ことになっている  
You are not to leave this building.
1. Want to A
This is a stronger expression of want/desire than ~たい.
いつか イギリス      もの   
I'd like to visit England some day.
1. It is no guarantee that A
States that while A might be a logical conclusion to a situation, it is not always the case.
この    どこにでも ある というもの ではない  
You can't find this article everywhere.
1. Not A! As if A! (A is not true)
This very strongly denounces/rejects A.
  ホラー     から  あんな   なんか   もんか  
I hate horror movies, so there's no way I'm going to see that kind of film.
1. It's not the time/condition/situation for A
      から ふざける どころ じゃない   
We're at the graduation ceremony so it's no time for screwing around!
1. There is no method/way to do A
アイス         ない  
There is no way to eat ice cream with chopsticks.
1. If you think from the standpoint of A
  から    この 宿   ちょっと        
If you look at it from the students' point of view, I think this homework is a a little much.
1. Until A is done, B doesn't occur/can't be done.
サイト       して から  ない         
You cannot enter the site until after you agree to the conditions.
1. A is the best (action)
Autumn is the best season for going on hikes.
1. Very A; Really A; Extremely A
パーティー    できなくて     しょうがない  
Ah, it's really a shame that I can't make it to the party!
1. Very A; Extremely A; Really want to do A
I am full of anxiety about the future.
1. Let's go A; Why don't we A?
This is used when addressing/inviting a group of people.
  この        ので       じゃないか  
Because everyone knows this piece of music, why don't we try to sing it?!
1. Very A; Extremely A
 には   まだ               
I can't help thinking Father is still alive.
1. Hard to do A (almost impossible to A)
あなた        がたい  
It is difficult to believe what you say.
1. Even if I were to A (A is not possible or useless/not worth doing)
     としても             わけじゃない   
Even if we were to go to Tokyo, it's not like our relationship will change.
1. Without a doubt; A
あの           あの               
Since the incident the stock prices have dropped. That company without a doubt will be delisted.
1. After A, B was the final/end result
The result B is usually undesired/unfavorable.
                まで した のに           なりました  
Although the student council consulted for three hours and did the preparations, the sports day was ultimately halted due to rain.
1. Neither A nor B
A and B are generally opposites (hot/cold, easy/hard, etc.)
あれ  これ         
I need neither this, that, nor anything.
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